1. Do you allow walk-ins at your full-service facility in Claremont?

No, we do not allow people to walk in and order a part. We do allow and love prepaid call-in orders available for pick up. Customers will receive a confirmation text/call once order is ready. Customers can either reply to the text or can call us to let us know when they are coming to pick up their order so we can inform someone from the inside to get the part and load it in the parking lot. Our salespeople work better from home, hence it reduces theft, makes our cash register easier to keep up, reduces wait time and saves you a trip if there is something wrong with the part.

2. I have my core complete and ready to return. What should I do?

A. If you picked up the part and are nearby, you can return it to us between 9AM and 4PM at our Claremont location – 2681 Heart Drive, Claremont, NC 28610. When you arrive, please text our curbside pick-up line with your core work order/ invoice number. Our curbside pick-up line is 828-303-2299.
B. If you are in our local delivery route, we have a core line set up when you call in one of our main numbers. This line goes straight to voicemail, but someone checks it daily to handle paperwork for core returns. When leaving a voicemail, please mention your name, shop location, invoice/work order number, core part type (if it is an engine/transmission/steering gear/rear axle/alternator core), year and model.
If our driver is at your shop for another transaction and they have room on the truck, you can fill out an orange tag from them in full and send back with the driver. The orange tag will need the invoice #, year, model, work order # and core part type.
C. If we have freighted the part to you, please freight it back to us. When sending the core back to us, try to include a copy of the core ticket and put our tag on the core/part inside the box. Sometimes we do need a little bit of hand holding. At times, we will charge a customer double freight and we will be the one to arrange a call tag for core return. You can contact your salesperson with your core invoice info and your email address for them to get shipping to send you a call tag via email.

3. I purchased a labor warranty and my part was bad. When will I be issued my labor check?

The labor warranty is a money maker for us but not a huge one. It has been abused in the past. We now have a process before a labor check is issued. If our salesperson gives you the opportunity to the have bad part replaced to get the full amount of the up to amount based on $55 a book hour, you must take the replacement. Our bad part must be returned and confirmed to have been ours via our special markings. The labor check will then be approved to be written and mailed.
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